About us

Final Choices is the website to guide you through making the most difficult choices of all. Final choices are difficult because they mean facing the end of life. They are often put off until it’s too late. And then it’s left to loved ones to make the final choices you should have made. This website will help you make those choices for yourself, when and how you want to.

Sometimes you have to help others make their final choices, and again Final Choices will be a source of advice, comfort and assistance.

What ‘final choices’ are we talking about? They range from planning the most appropriate funeral event to lifestyle choices to make the latter years of your life as healthy and enjoyable as possible. Other final choices include the legal issues – most obviously making a will – financial planning and assessing care options.

We know there’ll be choices that you wish to make which we don’t cover…and we would like you to tell us where you need advice, and where you think our advice could be improved.

We want visitors to Final Choices to share their experiences and opinions so others can benefit in making the right final choices.

So, find time and take your time to understand how ‘Final Choices’ can make those difficult decisions easier to make whether they are your choices or if you have to make them for a loved one. Because when it’s too late, it really is too late.


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