Three quarters of over 50s to opt for environmentally friendly funeral


Women are at the forefront of a mentality shift that sees 75% of over 50s say they favour environmentaly friendly or natural over a traditional funeral.            

Climate change was brought to the forefront of government policy last year when record-breaking temperatures scorched the UK throughout the summer months. In line with this, the vast majority of Britain’s over 50s wish to reduce their impact on the environment when it comes to choosing funeral arrangements. This includes opting for eco-friendly funeral services over more traditional, and often less sustainable, options.

A recent survey commissioned by Ecclesiastical Planning Services, asked 529 people aged over 50 if they would prefer their own funeral service to be eco-friendly. 74% of respondents revealed that they would like their funeral to be eco-friendly, while 26% answered that they would specifically not like their funeral to be better for the environment. This may be because eco-friendly funerals are perceived to be more expensive. Cost implications or the details of the arrangements were not specified in the survey. 

Conducted by OnePoll, the survey also highlighted that eco-friendly funeral services appealed to 77% of total women asked, compared to 70% of total men asked. In terms of an age split, green funerals appealed to 75% of respondents aged 50 – 70 and 66% of over 70s.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the uptake of environmentally-friendly funerals; most funeral directors now offer eco-friendly funeral arrangements, including woodland or natural burials and bio-degradable coffins. This trend has been reflected in pre-paid funeral plan arrangements too, with most funeral plans enabling people to include environmentally-friendly funeral options.

“The results are not surprising considering the heightened focus on the environment in recent years," explained Emma Simpson, of Ecclesiastical Planning Services. "We have certainly seen more people including eco-friendly options in their pre-paid funeral plan applications. As provision of funeral services varies so widely across the UK, we always recommend speaking with your local funeral director.”



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