Euphemisms for death for you to check out

Sometimes it is easier to refer to death through a euphemism

We are often embarrassed to say someone has died, so instead use euphemisms such as those below. The meaning of some of these is clear...others downright baffling.

  • Assumed room temperature (popular among mortuary technicians);

  • Bit the big one;

  • Brown bread (Cockney rhyming slang);

  • Carked it, (or karked);

  • Fallen off the perch;

  • Hopped the twig;

  • Been taken from us;

  • Gone somewhere better;

  • He's now with (name of closest deceased loved one);

  • It was his time to go;

  • Not hanging around anymore;

  • Threw a double-six;

  • Kicked the bucket;

  • Put out to pasture;

  • He/she bought the farm (US military]);

  • Gone West;

  • Curtains;

  • Faced the final curtain;

  • It was tickets for him;

  • Walked through the Pearly Gates;

  • Gone to a better place;

  • Checked out;

  • Gone to the great the sky;

  • Turned up his toes;

  • Snuffed it;

  • It was a 'take out' in a body bag;

  • Croaked;

  • Pushing up the daisies;

  • Feeding the worms;

  • Feeding the fishes;

  • Sleeping with the fishes;

  • Dead as a Dodo;

  • Dead as a doornail;

  • Dead as a doormouse;

  • Passed over;

  • Passed on;

  • Having his final sleep;

  • The Late ...;

  • Lost (as in 'We 'lost' my father);

  • Not dead but 'gone before';

  • Drawn his last breath;

  • Departed this life;

  • Shuffled off this mortal coil;

  • End one’s days;

  • Peg out/To peg;

  • Given up the ghost;

  • Gone to see his maker;

  • Met his maker;

  • Never woke up;

  • Keeping the angels company;

  • Singing with the angels;

  • Popped his clogs;

  • Been deleted.

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