Planning pet care and wellbeing after we are gone

Plan for your pets' security beyond your lifetime

Who will care for your pets once you are gone or too infirm? Make sure the wellbeing of your beloved pooch or cat is secured before it becomes an issue

The following are the most appropriate choices when considering how to ensure that pets are looked after properly when their owner has passed away, gone into care or is too ill or infirm to cope.

  • Family - the best solution because family members and the pets are familiar with each other;
  • Friends - that’s what friends are for;
  • Neighbours - for some pets, in particular cats, willing neighbours are the best option;
  • Consult your vet - he or she may be able to suggest clients or small local charities who might be prepared to look after the pets;
  • Consult your local branch of the RSPCA, Dogs Trust or Blue Cross - if friends and family are not an option;
  • Pet shop or supplier - consider taking some pets such as fish and reptiles to a pet shop or supplier if friends and family are not willing to take them on.

The RSPCA runs a Home for Life scheme which looks after people's pets when they die.

Similarly, Dogs Trust has a Canine Care Card scheme which will look after the dog(s) when their owners die and attempt to find a suitable home and the Blue Cross has a pets into care service.

The Cinnamon Trust is a charity whose volunteers help the elderly look after their pets and also care for them when their owners die. It also has information about which care homes are willing to take resident with pets.

Talk to appropriate family members, friends or neighbours about what you are planning, and get their agreement so you can be assured that on your death the animals that are so important to you in your life will be properly cared for after you have died.

Your executor and family will be particularly pleased that you have thought about your pets ... and so will they.

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