Write your own obituary


Why should only the famous or infamous have obituaries?

We all deserve an obituary, not just the famous or infamous.

So write your own obituary to capture the essential details of your life, the essence of your character and the eccentricities of your personality.

By doing so, you’ll have created a unique piece of history that others - particularly future generations of your family - will find fascinating.

It can also be read out, or distributed either at the funeral or reception, and sent to friends and family who don’t attend the funeral.

Tips for writing your own obituary

  • Don't make it too long. Limit it to around 1000 words;
  • Consider whether someone who has known you most of your life would be willing to write it or collaborate with you;
  • Concentrate on the highlights - don't write your life story in chronological order;
  • Mention those people who have most influenced your life;
  • Be honest about your faults and failings;
  • Include one or two surprising and facts about yourself, your views, your beliefs, your behaviour;
  • Ask two or three close friends to contribute quotes;
  • Don't use it to upset or offend other people;
  • Include appropriate images, such as photographs of yourself, your family, items you collect, possessions that mean a lot to you;
  • Express your opinions on what is important in your life - the political background, any art forms that you are interested in, your observations on society in general or a particular part that interests you or you have been involved in.

Create it as a document that can be stored on your computer so that you can update it. Also, ensure that the family member(s) you choose to organise your funeral know you have written your obituary and how you want it distributed. It may be suitable to be sent to your local newspaper which might consider publishing all or part of it.

Happy obituary writing!

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