Gone but not forgotten - personal memorial events


How to ensure your friends and family will remember you with a smile on their faces for years to come.

We've come to accept the tradition of having a wake or family gathering after a funeral or memorial

Ideas to consider are:

  • Inviting family members and friends to a dinner party to celebrate your life;
  • A night at your local or favourite pub;
  • A weekend away at a memorable location;
  • To go on your favourite walk;
  • To visit your favourite destination;
  • Paintballing;
  • A drive in a performance/luxury/classic car;
  • Karting;
  • Powerboating;
  • Ballooning;
  • Flying lesson;
  • Microlighting or gliding;
  • Parachuting;
  • Ski diving;
  • A night at the theatre;
  • Wine tasting event;
  • A riverboat trip;
  • A cruise holiday;
  • Watching your favourite team;
  • A round of golf;
  • A day at the races;
  • A shopping spree;
  • Being pampered at a spa;
  • Dancing or singing lessons;
  • Helping less well-off family or friends, by decorating their home or doing the garden, or taking them for a day out.


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