Supporting charities and causes through a funeral


Why supporting the charity favoured by the deceased is a more lasting tribute than flowers.

Guests and mourners should be advised as soon as possible to donate rather than buy flowers if you want the funeral to raise funds for a charity or good cause.

Put the donation information on invites and also on the order of service/ceremony leaflets (order sheets).

Choosing the charity

A good way of selecting the appropriate charity is to consider the life and/or death of the person whose funeral is being organised.

Did the deceased regularly donate to a charity? Or a volunteer or fundraiser for a particular charity?

Is there a local good cause or community group that he/she would have supported?

If he/she did not have a particular charitable involvement, was there a more general support such as the environmental, education, overseas aid or animal welfare in which case a related charity would be appropriate.

Think of the cause of death. There are support groups for sufferers of most illnesses; suicide; road accident victims; child deaths.

Then consider the charities researching the medical condition that might have caused death.

Another deserving category is where the deceased was given palliative care or the final medical treatment, so consider the hospice (or hospice movement) or friends of the hospital.

How to donate

Via the funeral director. Administering the donations from the funeral is an increasingly popular service provided by the funeral director, and they will give the family and the selected beneficiary charity a reconciliation sheet after the funeral.

Co-ordinated by the family. Nominate a suitable family member to receive and reconcile all donations to the selected beneficiary charity.

Direct to the charity by each mourner. When inviting the mourners, and on the order of service/ceremony, inform people the charity to which donations should be made, including the charity's website address.

If you are planning your own funeral and want donations to charity rather than flowers, make this one of your funeral arrangement wishes, and tell your close family members and your executor.

It may also be appropriate to have a memorial event to mark the life of the deceased, or if you’re planning your own ending, to ask your family to organised a memorial event. This can also be an opportunity to raise funds by asking guests to donate to the chosen charity. 


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